| Swick | Jogalani EP
NBR004 – Release: 4th Feb 2011
Remixes by: Vhyce, Douster, Malente, Them Jeans, Chaos In The CBD.
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939165673


This is Swick!

Today No Brainer Records serves you three tropical miniatures stuffed with a vast amount of fresh ideas, created by a young fella from Melbourne.

The question arises: Is Swick the forgotten son of Crocodile Dundee? “Jogalani” clearly sounds as if he’s practicing Dundee’s knife routines with some bamboo sticks. “Quandong” though rather reminds me of meditaion scenes in old Steven Seagal movies where as “Broccoli” sounds as if it was the music to the so called ‘dance of joy’ some demons traditionally do in the TV series Angel, that spin-off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

I know. I watch to much TV, you’re right, but I listen to No Brainer Records. I’m not done yet though, cause these Swick tracks are accompanied by some universe expanding reinterpretations

Douster (Mad Decent) proves that Mexican 3ball can be fused with Gabba. Vhyce (Sweat It Out!) translates “Jogalani” to the Tech House hipsters teaching them the ‘dance of joy’. Malente resizes the Original to fit a proper dancefloor. Them Jeans (Dim Mak) serves Broccoli by the pound and Chaos In The CBD (Youngunz) deep fry that vegetable.

Hit me with your rhythm Swick!

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NBR 004 feedbacks:

Riton „Yep“
Diplo „Good stuff from my favorite wierdos making sort of house music yes! worldwide“
Drop the Lime „Douster remix for the win!“
Mikix the Cat „ Cool release !!! I like Vhyce’s work and Them Jeans one!“
Mele „Wicked EP! Loving the Douster remix and quandong..“
BeatauCue „Nice release Jogalani and Quandong are fun :)
LA Riots „Vhyce remix … all the way!“
Oh Snap „This shit makes me want to have pina colada’s for breakfast“

Also supported by:

Crookers, Mumbai Science, Savage Skulls, Schlachthofbronx, Andy George, Hickup, DJ Feadz, Jerry Bouthier, Martelo, Act Yo Age, Etienne De Crecy, Bag Raiders, Lazy Flow, Shir Khan, Reset!, Camel, Don Rimini, Nick Catchdubs, Blu Jemz, Avreene, Danny T, Udachi, DJ Donna Summer, Tom Piper, Neoteric, Highbloo, Fex Fellini, Sharkslayer, Moonbootica, DJ Manaia, Sascha Robotti (Klasse), Urchins, Lorcan Mak, Smalltown Romeo, Hostage, Art Nouveau, Lars Moston, Ayres, The Aston Shuffle, DJ Cherobyl, Klipar, Slap In The Bass, Blaze Tripp, Mat The Alien, Flore, Nujax, Professor Inc., Maelstrom, Max Cherry, Dan Aux, Rishi Romero, Milt Mortez, Two Fesh, Lee Bass, Leg-No, Ursula 1000, Clash The Disko Kids, Rob (Stereo MCs), Twist It! …

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