| Twist It! | Funky Monkey
NBR005 – Release: 18th Mar 2011
Remixes by: Camel, Funkin Matt, Canblaster, Wolfie.
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939166366


‘Let’s Twist It!’

That’s what a young Belgian from the beautiful city of Brussels thought when he grabbed the arm of the innocent little monkey he then tortured patiently in order to get what he so desperately needed: monkey noise. At night you could see him sitting in his studio, chopping up what was recorded under such inhumane circumstances and only hours later ‘Funky Monkey’ was born. So what better artist name would there be for the young man than Twist It!

Being an international syndicate, we at No Brainer Records then sent parts of the monkey to Italy, where a guy codename Camel (Deadfish) put them back together using his signature house glue.

We also posted parts to snowy Norway where a certain Funkin Matt (Sound Pellegrino) managed to clone a genetically enhanced animal in his laboratories: FM² if you will.

In the meantime the remains of the little primate were treated by Canblaster
(Club Cheval) in France for some weeks. Working his mojo, he managed to destillate and manifest the spirit of the monkey into a haunting sound collage of seismic proportions.

What was left of the monkey we shipped to Sydney, Australia just to feed it to Wolfie (Sweat It Out).

I don’t want to get into too much detail about how Twist It! created a ‘Human Bell’,
but feel free to listen if you dare.

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NBR 005 feedbacks:

Brodinski „The whole EP is great! love Camel and Funkin Matt rmx for the club! Canblaster did again his amazing job of weird swag analog dance music! Wolfie also did a great job! difficult to choose now! (5/5)“
Noob „Love the Canblaster Remix“
Crookers „ok…no words for this one + gonna play it for sure tnx Phra (5/5)“
J-WOW „Original is my fav.“
Bag Raiders „woowowowowoowowoo“
Texki Latex „Overall nice EP, dope remix by Funkin Matt!“
Roska „Canblaster Mix all day“
Don Rimini „Funkin Matt fav but Canblaster kills it :) ,Human Bell’ is cool too… NO BRAINER FOR PRESIDENT!“

Also supported by:

Sinden, NT89, Mixhell, Tony Senghore, DJ Zinc, Andy George, Worthy, Jess & Crabbe, Act Yo Age, Riton, Them Jeans, AC Slater, LA Riots, Supabeats, Moonbootica, Joyce Muniz, Detboi, DJ Wool, Art Nouveau, Gigi Barocco, Hickup, DJ Donna Summer, Blaze Tripp, Smalltown DJs, Swick, B-Rich, Danny T, Fex Fellini, DJ Ayres, Tonka, Chris Deluca, Slap In The Bass, Acidkids, Jeff Doubleu, Larry Tee, Klipar, Lars Moston, DCUP, Nom De Strip, The Living Graham Bond, Acid Jacks, The Bulgarian, Mike Magoo, 3 Is A Crowd, Rishi Romero, Flore, Milt Mortez, Hybu, The Criime, Maelstrom, Discobelle Djs, Breakfastclub DJs, Wax Romeo, Ursula 1000, BREAKS lda, Max Le Daron, Max Cherry, Clash The Disko Kids, Stereo MCs, Headshotboyz, So Called Friend, Mat The Alien, Leg-No, DJ Pfff, Voltron, aUtOdiDakT, Philipe de Boyar, Lee Bass

Andy George (BBC Radio 1), Tommy Yamaha & Ekki Eletrico (On 3 Radio, Germany), DJ MA1 (Rinse FM), Moska (Bruk Magazine), Dj Dmit.ry (Central Station Radost FX, GOX Radi0 Czech), Tim Thaler (BLN FM), DJ Kramba (The New French Touch), Paster Wiberg (Radio AF – Lund Sweden), Dan Aux (George FM – Aux Radio Fri NIghts), Junior (Eavesdrop Radio, Philladeliphia USA), DJ Morpheus (Radio Campus Brussels), Jérémie Anticlimax (Tsugi Mag France)

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