| Malente & Jay Robinson | Klezzic
NBR008 – Release: 1st July 2011
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939211622


‘Beware of this Klezzic

Malente & Jay Robinson
 have never met in real life. More peculiar still: They don’t even switch on the video mode in Skype and mostly just stick to the chat. I think that might be because the music they make is so outrageously dangerous. 

Their team debut ‘Do Your Head In’ on Southern Fried dates back to early 2010, but just a few weeks ago they released ‘Cherry Pop’ on Fat! Records with Yo! Majesty on vocals. Now they drop their ‘Klezzic‘ on Malente’s very own No Brainer Records.

Caution. The original has a stirring effect. With it’s haunting hyperactive clarinet loop over a UK funky influenced rhythm this will get you all agitated. Believe me, you can’t sit this one out.

Fortunately the remix by Poupon (Dub Noir), Canada’s latest house sensation, calms us down a bit and gets our bodies in a nice relentless groove. Addictive nonetheless.

San Fran’s very own Worthy (Anabetic / Dirtybird) delivers a real stripped down rumpshaker. Dangerously sexy and seductive. 

And be warned about the Mikix The Cat (Trouble & Bass) take on Klezzic. It’s psychoactive. Drags you in with the clarinet loop like the Sirens of Titan and then, once it’s got to you there’s no escape.

The Swick (No Brainer Records) rework is not that dangerous if you are already into heavy drinking. If so, you’ll just save the money for your alcohol and you can go directly into fist pumping mode. 

‘Detonation Dub’, the second original track of this package is as explosive as it sounds and it will kill you if you haven’t already handed over your life to one of the previous sonar hazards.

‘hopefully resurrection is an option for you’


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NBR 008 Feedbacks:

Andy George “Loving the sound of this, could be big for Ibiza!”
Savage Skulls “This is Swick!”
Greenmoney “Great work!”
Crookers “Original,Mikix and Swick rmx are dope. tnx Phra”
Camel “Worthy Remix is defintiely the one for me! Will play it!”
Neoteric “What a lineup! hard to pick but Poupon is best for my sets – love the Original and Worthy remixes too! Another BIG one from No Brainer!”
Gina Turner “You guys are always on FIRE! loving the whole release!”

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