| Lars Moston | Too Much Party Time
NBR009 – Release: 12th August 2011
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939211998


This one is surely not just another no brainer, it’s nothing short of a declaration.

Lars Moston questions our whole concept of the human condition in civilized countries. He shakes our everyday lifestyle to the very foundations by saying what nobody else dares to say. A statement so dangerous it could make our society as a whole collapse: ‘Too Much Party Time

Unfortunately with its infectious marimba melody and summer house vibes this actually might extend the time you spend partying.

HaHaHa (Tighten Up) reworks this Anthem into an advanced rhythmical piece, trying to make it impossible to dance to. It seems he failed miserably though, as his version gets you moving even if you already spent too much party time.

Sammy Bananas (Fool’s Gold) plans to get rid of the party crowd with an exorbitant sax solo, but his remix is just too funky. Beats, bassline, massive breakdowns … Impossible to leave the floor.

Neki Stranac simply slows the original down to make the party die off. Now we have a whole new party movement: Moombahtoon

To top it off, Lars Moston teams up with Teenage Mutants (Discobelle) for ‘Bear Pit‘. Bass monster tech house à la carte. And he gives us ‘The Oohs‘ seriously testing the low frequencies of your speakers.

‘hands in the air for these serious protest tunes’


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NBR 009 Feedbacks:

CONGOROCK “The Oohs is next level”
A-TRAK “Very niiiice”
BAG RAIDERS “Balaphon. never fails. period”
HOT CITY “Love it!”
TONY SENGHORE “Catchy as fuck!”
MIXHELL “Killah vibes on this HaHaHa Remix!!!!”
AC SLATER “Really good. will definitely be playing these out”
MUMDANCE “Love the original & the HaHaHa mix – Big”
DANIEL HAAKSMAN “Neki Stranac Remix is dope”
BIRD PETERSON “Great EP! Original and Bear Pit are huge, but Sammy Bananas mix is fiiiiire!”

Also supported by:

Savage Skulls, BeatauCue, Botnek, Zombies For Money, Supabeatz, Mikix The Cat, Larry Tee, Jerry Bouthier, Moulinex, HeavyFeet, Neoteric, DJ Gina Turner, His Majesty André, Slap In The Bass, Swick, Hickup, The Living Graham Bond, DCUP, Screendeath, Acidkids, Jess & Crabbe, Wolfie, So Shifty, Act Yo Age, Danny T, Oh Snap!, B. Rich, Fex Fellini, Nick Catchdubs, Big Dope P, Ben Mono, Jay Robinson, Blu Jemz, Joyce Muniz, Mat The Alien, Max le Daron, So Called Friend, Udachi, Art Nouveaux, Lewis CanCut, Sergio Gomes, Flore, DJ Fashen, DJ Huggs, Smalltown DJs, Wongo, Dakunt, Jeff Doubleu, Rishi Romero, Tomb Crew, Sharkslayer, Twist It!, Hybu, Lee Bass, Stereo MCs, Ursula 1000, DJ Pffff (Razzmatazz, BCN), Star Eyes (Trouble & Bass), Boom Monk Ben (Solid Steel) , DK (Solid Steel), Kill Light, Professor Inc, Zero Cash, Markus Lange, Tranter, Max Cherry.

Tommy Yamaha (On3 Radio), Dj Dmit.ry (Central Station Radost FX, GOX Radi0 Czech), Harper (Polskie Radio 4), M.Patique (De:Bug), George FM (Aux Radio Fri Nights), Tim Thaler (BLN FM), DJ MA1 (Rinse FM), DJ Morpheus (Radio Campus- Brussels), John Buergin (Schweizer Rundfunk DRS Virus), Laurent Bassols (La Familia), Michal Stolárik (Hochspannung, Slavakia), Dactylo (Furie, Social Club), Mathias Weck (Motor.FM), Jérémie Anticlimax (Tsugi Mag France).

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