| Wafa vs Wolfie | Tom Tom
NBR010 – Release: 9th Sept. 2011
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939212230


‘It’s all so confusing’

sounds like a serious dogfight, but in fact it’s a collaboration between London’s WAFA (Grizzly) and Sydney’s WOLFIE (Sweat It Out). Four-legged entertainment on a global scale.

Don’t lose track. Even I always thought ‘Tom Tom‘ was a portable GPS system, but in fact it’s nothing less than a killer tune. About its musical nature, I better call it unique before getting all skitzoed out by trying to categorize it.

You might know Arcade from Tron or as the place you go when your girlfriend doesn’t feel like having sex. This ARCADE (Squelch And Clap) seems to be different. It stands for an Argentinian from London fusing Chicago with UK funky. Only similarity: It’s as good as sex. His remix is.

RITON (Phantasy Sound) is a busy cat. Once ‘Killing an Arab’ then finding ‘The Hammer of Thor’ now he sometimes plays the Carte Blanche and just started up his own label to release no less then a RITON single per month. Glad he still found the time to translate one of his feverish ghetto soul dreams into a ‘Tom Tom’ rerub.

SLAP IN THE BASS is a stupid name for a band you might think, but you’re definitely wrong. Their productions lead the way. Admittedly more often straight to the floor then to the next mercury prize as you can hear on their rework of ‘Tom Tom’.

And how sick is it naming your tune ‘Junk Kat‘ if you’re WAFA vs WOLFIE. Or is it animal instinct?

‘Who let the dogs out?’


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NBR 010 Feedbacks:

BRODINSKI “big big big rmx from Riton! congrats on this one ;) x”
JUSTIN MARTIN “Arcade remix is super dope…”
SAVAGE SKULLS “Really good release. Especially the original and the Slap In The Bass remix.”
SAM TIBA “Riton and Arcade doin it for me, thx !”
NT89 “Riton rmx is a bomb!”
ANDY GEORGE “Arcade & Riton are massive!”
FEADZ “Rmxs are cool”
TAI “Sweeet… really enjoying the whole package. Def playing original and Riton rerub. Thanx”
DOUSTER “Arcade rmx is tight !!!!”
KRIKOR “Fun, will play Riton’s rerun version”

Also supported by:

Ramadanman, Mumdance, His Majesty Andre, Mixhell, Don Diablo, Tony Senghore, Steve Aoki, Don Rimini, AC Slater, Larry Tee, Doorly, Dave Spoon, Daniel Haaksman, Neoteric, Hostage, Swick, Arveene, Screendeath, Moonbootica, Yolanda Be Cool, Joyce Muniz, Jaymo, Lars Moston, DJ Gina Turner, Udachi, Nick Catchdubs, Dakunt, Burns, So Shiftly, Santiago & Bushido, Jay Robinson, Toy Selectah, Partyhartders (NL), Daniel Dexter, Mike Magoo, Zombies For Money, Act Yo Age, Tomb Crew, Big Dope P, Fex Fellini, Danny T, Jeff Doubleu, Sharkslayer, Ajax, The Aston Shuffle, Teenage Mutants, Maelstrom, Flore, DJ Crabbe, Gus Da Hoodrat (Bang Gang), Urchins, Mat The Alien, Bootycall Crew, Voltron, Max le Daron, Blaze Tripp, Twist It!, The Bulgarian, 3 Is A Crowd, Clash The Disko Kids, Robosonic, aUtOdiDakT, Breakfastclub DJs, Ekki Eletrico, Kill Light, Cobra Krames, Tommy Yamaha, Breaks Ida, The Disco Boys, Generik, So Called Friend, Max Cherry, Eric Sharp, Lee Bass

DJ MA1 (Rinse.fm), Franki Chan (Iheartcomix), Michal Stolárik (Hochspannung/Slavakia), Name: Dj Dmit.ry (Central Station Radost FX, GOX Radi0 Czech), Dactylo (Furie, Social Club Paris), HARPER (Boogie Mafia, Polskie Radio 4), Robert Borzym (Polsike Radio Euro), Tim Thaler (BLN FM), Steve Perry (Juice FM), Paul McQueen (Sub Club, Glasgow), Mister Sushi (ibreaks.co.uk), Tom Breu (Radio WDR 1LIVE), Richard Heinemann (T M I Radio ARA, Luxemburg), DJ Morpheus (Radio Campus Brussels), Skeet (Scion TV), Bleed (De-Bug), John Buergin (DRS Virus), Christoph (Malente).

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