| Say Dubai | Bum
NBR012 – Release: 28th October 2011
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939213282


Every bum is different.

I knew you were gonna fall for that headline. After several years of spinning in clubs, Milanese DJs Nobel and Uabos decide to get into production in late 2010 and bang out some great tunes. They call themselves SAY DUBAI and send their stuff to No Brainer Records.

Still there? If you fell asleep, just put on the title track of this EP and its captivating mixture of oldschool techno and tropical bass will blast you awake in no time. If the military was fun ‘Bum‘ would be what they would be marching to.

For his remix SAM TIBA (Marble Music) uses the currency that makes him a Zillionaire: Ideas. Can somebody please close my mouth, which is still open since I listened to this for the first time.

POLYMATH (MofoHiFi) gives ‘Bum’ the techno treatment. This one’s for when your dancefloor needs a quick fix. Don’t drink coffee before you listen.

KILL LIGHT (Cheaper Thrills) writes a love letter to the groove. He seems to have inhaled tons of dub before breathing this remix out.

With two more originals SAY DUBAI prove that they know their game. ‘Fast Prey‘ feels like maneuvering a starship in a sci-fi chase, but funkier. And ‘Coala‘ is another sneak peak into future dimensions. Musically more break then dance, but a suitable bum’s rush.

‘Until then we Say Dubai’


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NBR 012 Feedbacks:

BOYS NOIZE “Sam Tiba rmx is hot !”
DIPLO “This Is Great Stuff. New sounds!”
ZOMBIE NATION “Fun track!”
CROOKERS “Playin Tiba Tibs the Titubante mix,big one!”
CANBLASTER “the Sam Tiba remix is a techno banger”
NOOB “Love It”
WORTHY “Diggin the Kill Light Remix… will definitly be playing”
FOAMO “Sam Tiba remix is genius as always.. bigg. love the other mixes too. Kill Light one is real cool”
NT89 “Sam Tiba is the shit, going to play this rmx loads”
BEATAUCUE ” Polymath rmx is great”
RESET! “Particularly lovin’ Fast Prey and th Kill Light remix…dopey!”
FEADZ “Fast Prey looks good ! – like the Sam Tiba too”
VINYL RICHIE “My Bum is broken. It has a crack in it!”

Also supported by:

Supabeatz, MSTRKRFT, Zombies For Money, Don Rimini, Mixhell, Larry Tee, Big Dope P (Moveltraxx), Wafa, Scottie B, Slap In The Bass, Mikix The Cat, The Subs, Swick, John Roman, AC Slater, Nick Catchdubs, Maelstrom, Lee Mortimer, Mason, Hostage, His Majesty Andre, Willy Joy, DJ Crabbe, HeavyFeet, Acidkids, Lorcan Mak, Arcade, Them Jeans, Kid Kenobi, Lazy Flow, Blaze Tripp, Arveene, Lars Moston, So Shifty, Zero Cash, Moonbootica, Act Yo Age, Mat The Alien, Danny T, Top Billin, Flore, Acid Jacks, Max Le Daron, Eski Tark (Bootycall Crew), Udachi, Urchins, Jeff Doubleu, Tonka, Markus Lange, Rob (Stereo MCs), Pete Carvell (Bad Life), The Bulgarian, Dakunt, Afrika Islam, Robosonic, Voltron, aUtOdiDakT, BREAKS lda, Disco Boys, Ursula 1000, Tranter, Paul McQueen (Subclub, Glasgow), Leg-No, Lee Bass, Bomb Boutique, 3 Is A Crowd, DJ Elektor, Generik, Max Cherry, Mama Miche (Bitchin’)

Andy George (BBC Radio 1), DJ MA1 (Rinse.fm), Andre Langenfeld (Fritz.fm, Berlin), Tim Thaler (BLN FM), Dj Dmit.ry (Central Station Radost FX, GOX Radi0 Czech), K.Ramba (TheNewFrenchTouch), Richard Heinemann (T M I Radio ARA, Luxemburg), Michal Stolárik (Hochspannung / Slavakia), Harper (Boogie Mafia, Polskie Radio 4), Tommy Yamaha & Ekki Eletrico (Wildstyle / on 3 radio, Germany), Pastor Wiberg (Radio AF – Lund Sweden), Bleed (De-Bug), Laura Leishman (Le Mouv, Radio France), John Burgin (DRS, Virus)

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