| Rubix | That Rhytm (Remixes)
NBR013 – Release: 23th Dec. 2011
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939220648


‘And on the 12″ day God made Remixes’

Life’s a lottery. One of the winners in 2011 is definitely our man Rubix from Amsterdam. He became a House millionaire. I’m not speaking of money, rather referring to the million of hearts of house music lovers he won over with his recent releases.

The original ‘That Rhythm‘ EP which we released earlier this year on No Brainer Records consisted of only three originals, but these ruled. So we worked for some time to get the most appropriate remixers on these three classics.

See Xinobi (Discotexas) being a sonic Tom Cruise in ‘Mission Impossible’, remixing ‘That Rhythm‘ into a completely new house smasher. I dare to say: ‘Mission accomplished’. Musically advanced, but yet extremely floor effective. Katie Holmes loves long breakdowns as well.

Ian Pooley (Pooled) was instantly in love with the original ‘Soul Train‘ and delivers a very special remix on this one. He throws down a relentless loop based discohouse groove reminiscent of his own work in the 90s. Time travel? Yes please.

Pleasure to hear Cram (Deep Edition) freeing ‘Tobacco Man‘ from the nearest smoker’s lounge, giving him a mouth to mouth after which even Jesus would rise instantly and not wait for three days. But don’t get me started on all that religious stuff.

‘Listen to That Rhythm (Remixes) and House will be your religion’


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NBR014 Feedbacks:

OLIVER $ “Proper house like back in days, well done mr. Pooley”
WORTHY “Like the Tobaccco Man remix the best. Nice and chunky”
DJ T “Thank you for the Good Music!”
YOLANDA BE COOL “Love that Rhythm. Whole EP actually oxxo”
CANBLASTER “Ian Pooley he’s the shit and I love tracks who start with no kicks. Not really what I’m playin rite now, but I really like it”
THE ASTON SHUFFLE “Holy shit this is off the HOOK!!”

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