| Swick | Pasta EP
NBR015 – Release: 27th Jan. 2012
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939221096


What’s for dinner?

We at No Brainer Records are proud to serve you a whole ‘Pasta EP‘. Return of the SWICK with a single that pays homage to his favorite food as well as his Italian heritage. Such a clever guy. If he didn’t quit school he’d now be president.

Let’s all be thankful he chose music over that, as presidents quite often suck. Tracks with a built-in full floor like ‘Mad Dings‘ don’t come in half a dozen. At least not unless you buy this EP. The original dings was tailored with fellow dumb ass TRANTER (Scattermusic) by the way and on the remix KEITH & SUPABEATZ (Southern Fried) turn dings into mad tribal techno.

Pasta‘ is a bit more on the tasteful side of things and gets treated very well by DEPRESSED BUTTONS (Mad Decent). Full time – half time? Don’t matter. Full flavor + full floor does matter. Newcomer PLEZIER puts on the parmesan. I can hear it all: Future Garage, House, Techno, Birds, Trees.

Is it magic? Check SWICK & TRANTER for additional tricks in ‘Hocus Pocus‘. See those fellas swing their magic sticks. Puts a smile on your face for 2012 unless you’re already dead.

‘Vote for ‘Pasta’ on your menu. Every day’


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NBR015 Feedbacks:

DIPLO “Mad Dings is a big tune”
DROP THE LIME “Yes! Great percussive bangs on this release. Definitely playing pasta and mad dings in sets”
ROSKA “Thanks for this”
WORTHY “Mad crazy beats!!! Diggin”
CROOKERS “Mad Dings for me, love also the K an Supa rework”
RANDOMER “Depressed Buttons Remix gets two thumbs up!”
DOUSTER “I like it when it’s DUMB !”
SCHLACHTHOFBRONX “Mad Dings & Pasta Depressed Buttons are favourites. Nice round release!”
DON RIMINI “K&S rules ! Plezier is very good too. Mad dings & hocus pocus are perfect !”
BOTNEK “So many great tunes here keith and supabeatz rmx is heavvvy, always look forward to their jams. Pasta is nice and wacky, love that. Depressed Buttons remix takes it to the next level. Fave is probably hocus pocus tho… so fun! fantastic stuff.”
TOM STEPHAN “always so happy to see No Brainer in my inbox! Very tasty EP!”
ASTRONOMAR “Get em Danny! this is one stacked EP! had a hard time deciding between Mad Dings original & remix for my favorite. Thanks for the high quality guys!”
THE ASTON SHUFFLE “The whole EP is amazing :)

Also supported by:

Reset!, Slap In The Bass, Hostage, His Majesty André, Moonbootica, Mosca, Zombies For Money, John Roman, Larry Tee, The Eleven, Them Jeans, Tomb Crew, So Shifty, Peo De Pitte, Neoteric, DJ Gina Turner, Sharkslayer, Polymath, Kill Light, Say Dubai, Roby Howler, Flufftronix, Kry Wolf, Twist It!, Bootycall Crew, DJ Donna Summer, Big Dope P (Moveltraxx), Flore, Krikor, Lars Moston, Danny T, Dakunt, DJ Crabbe, Teenage Mutants, Two Fresh, Act Yo Age, Rob (Stereo MCs), Pete Carvell (Bad Life), Willy Joy, Funkin Matt, Lazy Flow, Mason, Lorcan Mak, Ben Mono, Jeff Doubleu, Oh Snap!, Breakfastclub DJs, Ursula 1000, JonH (Fort Knox Five), Nic Sarno, 3 Is A Crowd, The Bulgarian, Max le Daron, DJ Rockid, Milt Mortez, Hybu, Lewis CanCut, Hickup, Mat The Alien, DJ Elektor, Sergio Gomes (Breaks Ida), Mama Miche, DJ Pfff (Razzmatazz, BCN)

DJ MA1 (Rinse.fm), Dj Dmit.ry (Central Station Radost FX, GOX Radi0 Czech), Tim Thaler (BLN FM), Michal Stolárik (Hochspannung / Slavakia), Richard Heinemann (T M I Radio ARA, Luxemburg), Andre Langenfeld (Fritz.FM Berlin), Ekki Eletrico (Wildstyle/ On3 Radio), Rambaud Ludovic (Only For Djs Mag, FR), John Buergin (Schweizer Rundfunk DRS Virus), Pastor Wiberg (Radio AF – Lund Sweden), Mister Sushi (ibreaks.co.uk / London), Laura Leishman (Le Mouv, Radio France), Aanna Lunoe (FBI Radio, Sydney)

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