| PL€A$UR€ | Platypus EP
NBR020 – Release: 24th Aug. 2012
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939231026


‘Welcome to the PL€A$UR€ dome’

The greatest gift to a music lover in this world full of musical exuberance is when you find something unique. With their arpeggiated Bach-esque melody structures, multi rhythmical environments and elaborate arrangements PL€A$UR€ are surely without comparison in today’s club music. And we’re proud they are now joining the No Brainer family. Follow their trail into a world full of birds, birds and birds.

With this package we’re going worldwide once again. Belgian Vhyce (Sweat It Out) returns to No Brainer with a tasteful house rework of ‘Platypus‘ for young urban bohemians. A rump shaker for the sophisticated crowd of today.

Visionist (Diskotopia) from the UK dissects the bird, juggles and shifts particles to create future beats in the here and now. Beware. This rhythm will make you dance backwards.

Our man from Japan Hoshina Anniversary (GND Records) delivers a mix deadlier than bird flue. Weapon. Full stop.

Lucid (Pelican Fly) from Melbourne shows us his bass. Don’t you dare to erase the ‘b’ in the sentence before. His ‘Platypus’ is too heavy to fly, but wings in the air is still an option here for the odd duck.

Obsessed with exotic birds PL€A$UR€ dedicate the second original on this EP to the ‘Toucan‘. Starting out as a tribal drum track it morphs into their trademark chord and melody patterns. Euphoric in a good way. I’m so glad they still have hundreds of bird names to go for.

‘Make a little birdhouse in your soul’


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NBR020 Feedbacks:

FAKE BLOOD “I really like the original version of Playtypus. It’s fucking great.”
TREASURE FINGERS “Vhyce Remix. Nice one!”
SCNTST “Toucan is niiiiice”
DISTAL “Really like the Hoshina Anniverary Remix. It has an old 8 bit feel to it.”
BEATAUCUE “Visionist Remix is cool”
UDACHI “Melodies are amazing, feeling the Lucid remix a lot. More Pleasure plaza!”
ROSKA “Vhyce remix is heavy!”
DON RIMINI “Hoshina Anniversary and both originals are very cool”
MUMDANCE “Lucid remix is Crazy! Love the Visionist Mix too, gonna spin that for sure. all the tracks are great tho :)
RACK N RUIN “so sick! proper original stuff!”
SUPABEATZ “Love Platypus original, “creepy” mysterious vibes!”
JOHN ROMAN “Nice EP. Vhyce remix will be my favourite for playing out, and Lucid’s remix is the coolest. Thanks!”

Also supported by:

Zombie Disco Squad, Moonbootica, NAPT, Slap In The Bass, Tagteam Terror, Big Dope P, Jerry Bouthier / JBAG, Swick, Lars Moston, Robosonic, DJ Feadz, Hostage, Lazy Flow, Gina Turner, Zombies For Money, Nick Catchdubs, Tomb Crew, Cobra Krames, Smalltown DJs, Fashen, Arcade, Say Dubai, The Aston Shuffle, Two Fresh, Roby Howler, Elektropusher, Rob (Stereo MCs), Danny T, Jeff Doubleu, The Eleven, Wolfie, So Called Friend, Nic Sarno, Breakfastklub, Twist It!, Hickup, Voltron, Kill Light, DJ Crabbe, Super Super, Flore, The Disco Boys, MarceauxMarceaux, Ursual1000, BREAKS lda, aUtOdiDakT, The Backspin Boys, Colonel Error, SchmitzKatze, Mat The Alien,

Dj Dmit.ry (Central Station Radost FX, GOX Radi0 Czech), Michal Stolárik (Hochspannung / Slavakia), Tim Thaler (BLN FM), HARPER (Boogie Mafia, Polskie Radio 4), Ekki Eletrico & Tommy Yamaha (Wildstyle, On3 Radio), Richard Heinemann (T M I Radio ARA, Luxemburg), Tom Breu (Radio WDR 1LIVE), Edward Duvall(SickChirpse.com), Andre Langenfeld (Fritz.fm, Berlin), DJ MA1 (Rinse.FM), DJ Morpheus (Radio Campus Brussels), Bleed (De-Bug Mag), DJ Paulette (Radio FG France Belgium Morocco & Syndication), Kate Magoc (Resident Advisor / Pittsburgh City Paper), Dan Aux (George FM, New Zealand), Rambaud Ludovic (ONLY FOR DJ’s Mag, FR)

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