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NBR022 – Release: 12 Oct. 2012
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939232467


‘Welcome to the Jungle’

Are you afraid of flying? It is a 28 hours drive from Chicago to Calgary. So when Willy Joy (Trouble & Bass, Mad Decent) meets the Smalltown DJs (Plant, Top Billin) it takes him forever to travel there.

One might think that’s a total waste of time and gas, but with ‘Wicked’ the guys show us how inspiring it can be to hit a traffic jam. Picture this: Old jungle mixtape is playing, car stereo volume is maxed out, bass boost is activated. Hitting the car horns has never been more fun.

Ardalan (Dirtybird) takes it to the Autobahn with his Dub. Why buy an expensive painting and hang it on your wall if you can have a timeless piece of art to dance to like this remix for less then two Euros. Yeah I know, but why not go over the top a bit in an info like that?

We at No Brainer Records love it when we can get someone to remix a tune they normally wouldn’t even play in their sets. In a world where the musical majority goes: ‘We only remix tunes that are our style’, the guys who take on a challenge, the open-minded guys who love good music in general deserve our biggest respect. And is there a better way to translate a tune into your own language then Mixhell (Boys Noize) do it here? There’s not. It is ‘Wicked’, and it stays ‘Wicked’ in this amazing remix.

As if all this wouldn’t already prove that we love rhythm… With this remix by newbie MarceauxMarceaux (Voodoo Village) we serve you an additional future beats assault to digest. Guten Appetit.

Back to the Jungle where our main characters Mike and Pete, the cowboys from that small-town of Calgary and Willy Joy, the man from the windy city of Chicago, who’s real name is Willy Joy by the way, find all their inspiration for this EP. ‘All Junglists’ is a shuffling thank you to a musical genre which deserves at least that.

‘Big tune, bi-bi-big tune!’


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NBR022 Feedbacks:

ANDY GEORGE “Ardy’s mix kills it again, that dude’s got it”
SINDEN “Nice release, mixes are solid here too”
DJ YODA “Yes! Love it”
EGO TROOPERS “Mixhell did a greeeeaat remix! very stomping and oldschool, but favorite remix is the Ardalan one…massive”
CROOKERS “Wicked Ardalan Dub! Will support – Phra/Crooker”
MAELSTROM “Ardalan mix for me! Killer track”
WORTHY “Ardalan remix kiling it for me!!!! been a banger in my bag for a min now”
BEATAUCUE “MarceauxMarceax looks good”
DISTAL “Great release. Lots of borderline stuff. I love the space.”
MASON “Nice Ardelan Dub!”
TOCADISCO “Great release”
MODEK “MarceauxMarceaux is superb!”
AC SLATER “Nice one! Supporting!”
NICK CATCHDUBS “Lighters all around!”
NAPT “Yes – Love Willy Joy’s tracks and this is no exception – in fact I look forward to playing it tonight.”
HOSTAGE “I wouldn’t normally leave negative feedback but I always thought No Brainer was cooler than this.”

Also supported by:

Killy Frenzy, Astronomar, His Majesty Andre, Udachi, Jerry Bouthier / JBAG, Roska, Ramadanman,Slap In The Bass, Don Rimini, Neoteric, Lee Mortimer, Lazy Flow, Heavyfeet, Lars Moston, Hoshina Anniversary, Kry Wolf, Visionist, Say Dubai, So Shifty, Mendoza, Zombies For Money, Tomb Crew, Shir Khan, Scottie B, Fashen, Flore, Danny T, Fort Knox Five, Kid Kenobi, Two Fresh, Elektropusher, CLP, Roby Howler, Breakfastclub DJs, Dennis Meyer, SchmitzKatze, Hickup, Partyhartders, Ostblockschlampen, Rob (Stereo MCs), Blaze Tripp, Dj Benzi, DJ Donna Summer, Wax Romeo, BREAKS lda, Mat The Alien, Andrew MacDonald, Justin Der, Pete Carvell (Bad Life), Ursula 1000, The Bulgarian, Blondtron, Tom Piper,

Andy George (BBC Radio1). DJ MA1 (Rinse.FM), Tom Breu (Radio WDR 1LIVE), Dj Dmit.ry (Central Station Radost FX, GOX Radi0 Czech), Kate Magoc (Resident Advisor / Pittsburgh City Paper), Robert Borzym (Polsike Radio Euro), Edward Duvall(SickChirpse.com), Dan Aux (George FM, New Zealand), Tim Thaler (BLN FM), Michal Stolárik (Hochspannung / Slavakia), Tommy Yamaha (Wildstyle, On3 Radio), Bleed (De-Bug Mag), Shir Khan (Radio fritz, Berlin), Richard Heinemann (T M I Radio ARA, Luxemburg), Rambaud Ludovic (ONLY FOR DJ’s Mag, France),Jérémie Anticlimax (Tsugi Mag France), DJ Don Chicharrón (Funkhaus Europa Radio), Danny Chien (FBi 94.5fm, Australia), John Buergin (Schweizer Rundfunk DRS Virus)

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