| Don Rimini | Fear Of Missing Out EP
NBR024 – Release: 23rd Nov. 2012
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939232474


What the Don?

He’s been blowing minds with DJ gigs all over the world from Egypt to Australia, from USA to Japan, turning heads with festival performances everywhere from ‘Hardfest’ to ‘I Love Techno’, from ‘Sonar’ to ‘Pukkelpop’. But DON RIMINI manages to raise the bar once again with his first live show touring all across France at the moment: Some futuristic audiovisual assault called ‘A Live Odyssey’.

So no doubt it’s about time he drops a new EP. We’re proud that the ‘Fear Of Missing Out EP‘ will see the light of day via No Brainer Records.

In case you’re familiar with the Don’s work on his remixes for The Count & Sinden (Domino), Beataucue (Kitsuné), Young MC (Delicious Vinyl) or his previous EPs like ‘Nlarge Your Parties’ and ‘Kick’n Run’ you might ask yourself: ‘Why house?’

This one’s DON RIMINI‘s tribute to his roots of House and Disco. Updating these by adding a little bit of drive, overdrive, megadrive and ADHD.

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)‘ is American English for a state of mind I’ve always been in actually. Even before internet and cell phones. Glad someone found a nice name for it, not so glad it’s considered an illness. The tune makes you wanna kiss the closest girl under the closest disco ball asap. A pure ass shaker. God bless.

The Future Is Ours‘ is nothing short of an extremely funky dancefloor revolution. Kickin’ the kitsch out of disco house. Are you ready for a full body workout or like Pop Will Eat Itself would sample it: ‘Can you dig it?’

Highlight‘ is blinding me. Headbanger disco spilling over with positive energy. This one’s got disco balls.

And you’re still asking yourself: ‘Why house?’ Because!!! Don can do as Don pleases. Plus house is just ‘the uncontrollable desire to jack your body’ according to Fingers Inc. Listen now ’cause we don’t want you to suffer from the ‘Fear Of Missing Out‘.

‘DONde esta la Discoteca?’


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NBR024 Feedbacks:

FATBOY SLIM “The future is ours and yes i can dig it…”
DIGITALISM “Finally Mr Don is back!”
SAVAGE SKULLS “FOMO is so dope dude!”
YOLANDA BE COOL “will def play the treasure/malente remix at a pool party in aus this summer…perfect for this”
SINDEN “Tite!”
DOORLY “Love this!”
THE SNEEKERS “Don Rimini’s spinning house music! and that is great! Thanks”
MAELSTROM “Nice rollers ! bring me back to my 90′s”
NOOB “groovy shit ! I like it !”
BORIS DLUGOSCH “Ooops…. been almost missing out on this one! Good Stuff!”
XINOBI “Fun Fun. A new step in filterish house.”
DON DIABLO “Nice one!”
EGO TROOPERS “Proper Disco from Don Rimini”
ASTRONOMAR “SUPER solid release all the tracks are jammin!”
LOGO “Great EP, Highlight and FOMO are powerful”
KEITH & SUPABEATZ “Amazing EP!! In love with FOMO, great disco roller. Also dig The Future Is Ours and Highlight! Big Up THE DON!!”
PEO DE PITTE “Great EP, loving this”
UTAH SAINTS “Strong 12 and all tracks are playable out which is awesome. Treasure Fingers and Malente mix is wicked. Really like.”
ATTAQUE “Reminds me of what Daft Punk were Dj’ing in 96, this is a great thing”
TONY SENGHORE “The Don Is always on top of the pile… Wonderful productions that allways rock the floor!”

Also supported by:

Teki Latex, The Aston Shuffle, Wax Motif, Shinichi Osawa, Modek, Botnek, Moonbootica, J Paul Getto, Hoshina Anniversary, Slap In The Bass, Gina Turner, Teenage Mutants, Tagteam Terror, Lazy Flow, Fashen, Mendoza, Tittsworth, Big Dope P, Alexander Technique, Lee Mortimer, Marcus G (LoL Boys), Lars Moston, Bootycall Crew, Heavyfeet, Acid Jacks, DCUP, Tom Piper, Danny T, Scottie B, Blaze Tripp, DJ Tonka, Elektropusher, Jeff Doubleu, Designer Drugs, Jay Robinson, Partyharders, Mike Mago, Costello, Tomb Crew, Hostage, Kill Light, Lorcan Mak, Mat The Alien, MarceauxMarceaux, Pablo Calamari, Smalltown DJs, Wax Romeo, Hickup, Nhan Solo, Max le Daron, Ursual 1000, 3 Is A Crowd, aUtOdiDakT, BREAKS lda, So Called Friend, DJ Elektor, Surfin Leons, Backspinboys, Dennis Meyer, DJ Paulette

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