| Say Dubai | Bad Dreams EP
NBR025 – Release: 4th Jan. 2013
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939236366


Having ‘Bad Dreams‘?

This new EP by Say Dubai will certainly not help. On their second release on No Brainer Records the Italians go all mental on us. Their haunting synth line sticks during sleep. Feels like a deep hole drilled in your brain. A piece of merciless booty music in cinemascope.

Accelerated heart rate. Tossing and turning in your bed. Breaking out in sweat. On the Techno side of sounds this hectic percussion-driven beast is a proper nightmare on ‘Elm‘ street.

With ‘Updown‘ it is like in one of those horror movies where people are trapped in an elevator for 90minutes. Just a bit more exciting. Not only up and down, but also full speed meets hit the breaks in a ‘head thru wall’-style.

For the remixes as always some big name remixers jumped ship last minute, cause they got too scared. You can’t blame them as some people are just not made for this horror stuff. Anyway. Malente, head of A&R at No Brainer Records, struck a deal with Malente to throw down some dope Chicago infected beats. Malente wasn’t afraid to help out.

LeBreton (Blood Music) didn’t back out either. Good for us, cause he injects ‘Bad Dreams‘ with his very own Breton blood to keep it alive. Scary. You can hear it. You should hear it. Just listen to it already. Goddamnit.

Headz Up is a brave man too. He fears no label. Not even No Brainer Records. That’s why we had to sign him and we’re very proud to put out his first EP in 2013. Get a taste of what the future has in store for us …

‘Bad Dreams (are made of this)’


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NBR025 Feedbacks:

DIPLO “Cool”
SURKIN “Thanks will play Bad Dreams”
CANBLASTER “Bad Dreams (Headz Up Remix) is cool – Im a sucker for 3rds rhythms. Good Idea on the original track too”
SAVAGE SKULLS “Updown is big!”
TOM TRAGO “Thanks!!”
WORTHY “Diggin the mad Malente remix!!
DJ FEADZ “Elm is good!”
MYD “Good EP! Love Updown!”
KRY WOLF “Malente Remix for us”
HOSHINA ANNIVERSARY “Very coooool! Hot!”
BIRD PETERSON “Suuuuuuper solid EP!!!”
NOOB “Great Stuff, love the Malente Remix. thx”
DISTAL “This Headz Up Remix is pretty neatoooo I like it :)
RESET! “BANG!!!! Really love Bad Dreams and Elm, really different, both massive!!!”
TITTSWORTH “I’m really felling this whole EP”
NICK THAYER “Cool stuff! Love the Malente Rmx.”
GINA TURNER “Love This!”

Also supported by:

Panteros666, Foamo, Tagteam Terror, The Sneekers, Big Dope P, Ostblockschlampen, Ben Mono, Shinichi Osawa, Swick, Zombies For Money, Astronomar, Swick, Avreene & Misk, Hostage, Supabeatz, Lars Moston, Nhan Solo, PLEA$URE, Udachi, Flore, The Sexinvaders, Breakfastclub DJs, Nick Catchdubs, Anna Lunoe, Depressed Buttons, Alexander Technique, Mendoza, Scottie B, Tomb Crew, Tom Piper, Partyharders, Roby Howler, Hickup, Pete Carvell (Bad Life), MarceauxMarceaux, Cobra Krames, Rob (Stereo MCs), SchmitzKatze, The Bulgarian, Rytter & Index, Polymath, Dennis Meyer, Mat The Alien, Clash The Disco Kids, Mama Miche (Bitchin’), BREAKS lda

DJ MA1 (RinseFM, UK), Tom Breu (WDR 1LIVE), Andre Langenfeld (Fritz fm, Berlin), Jesus (Vicious Magazine, Spain), Bleed (De-Bug), Dj Dmit.ry (Central Station Radost FX, Tim Thaler (BLN FM), Michal Stolárik (Hochspannung / Slavakia), Kate Magoc (Resident Advisor / Pittsburgh City), DJ Morpheus (Radio Campus Brussels), Richard Heinemann (T M I Radio ARA, Luxemburg), Rambaud Ludovic (ONLY FOR DJ’s Magazine, France), Mister Sushi (ibreaks.co.uk / London)

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