| Headz Up | Talk Talk EP
NBR026 – Release: 22nd Feb. 2013
Distribution: GoodToGo / EAN 4018939238902


‘Onoria is not a popular first name for women and an equally uncommon surname or last name for all people’ (1990 U.S. Census)

We here at No Brainer headquarters are pretty sure this will change after the opening track of Headz Up‘s debut EP ‘Talk Talk‘ hits the floors of the world. This dramatic piece of rhythmically superior techno is just too good to not name your newborn after it.

Mason (Animal Language) straightens ‘Onoria‘ out, turning it into relentlessly driving car. Actually, ‘Onoria‘ might be a better car name than a girl’s name. No doubt it’s a good track name.

Talk Talk‘ is an even better track name if you ask me and it fits great with the triplet-tainted vocoder track, which is why the EP is named ‘Talk Talk EP‘. You can almost sing along to the track while you headbang to it.

Borussia (Top Billin) makes ‘Talk Talk‘ into a kickdrum-obsessed techno anthem. This pretty much defines what No Brainer Records is all about: very stupid intelligent music for very intelligent stupid people.

Another great name for another great track is ‘Pluvia‘, which means rain in Latin. Think synthetic raindrops recorded, looped and then scratched into a haunting rhythm. Tribal techno funk for acid Headz Up … just to drop that name again.

‘The Party’s Over’


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NBR027 Feedbacks:

FAKE BLOOD “I’m into the orig version of “Onoria”
SINDEN “Dope!!!!!!!!! Borussia mix. I love it”
MUMBAI SCIENCE “Very cool, this is funky in a strange way! Will support”
RITON “Nice”
KRY WOLF “Pluvia is doing it for me! Utter madness as per.”
SAVAGE SKULLS “Talk Talk – Borussia rmx Big!”
PANTEROS666 “Good Job Agent Borussia (=xェx=)”
DON RIMINI “Onoria original + Mason + Talk Talk Borussia are really cool”
ROSKA “Firrrrreee!”
BEATAUCUE “Great ep, thanks”
BS1 “Dope EP! Onoria original is super big and weird, our fav here. Also, the Borussia rmx of Talk Talk is sicko!!”
DONOVANS “Love Talk Talk ! and Borussia did a great job as usual !”
FEADZ “I only like the Borussia remix , great start!”
EGO TROOPERS “Borussia kills it! Armand for president! Also pluvia is pretty dope”
HIS MAJESTY ANDRE “Onoria and Talk Talk rock”

Also supported by:

Avreene & Misk, Twittsworth, S-File, Tagteam Terror, Tommie Sunshine, Xinobi, Shinichi Osawa, Napt, Ben Mono, Hoshina Anniversary, Zodiac Cartel, Nick Catchdubs, Mendoza, Fashen, PLEA$URE, Costello, Sharkslayer, Rytter & Index, Partyhartders, Mike Magoo, Hostage, Tomb Crew, Rob (Stereo MCs), Designer Drugs, Ajax, Lorcan Mak, The Bulgarian, The Sexinvaders, Ostblockschlampen, Blaze Tripp, BreakfastKlub DJs,Roby Howler, So Called Friend, Mat The Alien

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